Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Contrasting Styles - in Books and Life

"We Learn Nothing, Essays and Cartoons" by Tim Kreider   Free Press   221 pages   $20

Kreider is a 44 year old cartoonist for the New York Times; his cartoon "The Pain - When Will It End?" has been collected previously in three volumes.

In his book, he covers such as the, to him, grey area between a bold romantic gesture and stalking.  He sympathized with the NASA woman who pulled on a pair of adult diapers to make the trip to her love object non-stop. 

Basically, I would describe him as The Cliched Professional Neurotic New York. 

"How I Slept My Way To the Middle" by Kevin Pollak   Lyons Pres   250 pages   $24.95

Pollak is a 55 year old comic and character actor with over 70 films to his credit.  His admiration of others - Steve Martin, John Belushi, Albert Brooks - evoked the picture of a tail-wagging beagle looking up at a master with soulful eyes.

Both writers liberally sprinkle their works with the f-word, much like an old barn door is peppered in birdshot.

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