Thursday, February 14, 2013

So, for Valentine's, I Killed My Arteries

Richie and I had decided it was the better part of wisdom to go out for dinner the night before this holiday.  Accordingly, we batted names back and forth.  Tin Roof Bistro, Jackson's Food + Wine, Old Tony's on the Pier, Dominique's Kitchen (French and new to us both.)

We'd left the Riviera Village Trader Joe's, heading home, when I spotted The Bull Pen (previously reviewed) and said, "You know what?  The Bull Pen's old and so are we -- what about that?  I feel like a steak tonight!"  He agreed.

At dinner there I ordered a spicy Bloody Mary and a shrimp cocktail to share.  I like the way the two heats - cocktail sauce and drink - meet in my mouth.  Both generally are well-seasoned but the "hot" is different and each one flatters the other.  That was the kick-off for artery destruction - salt.

To make sure I was successfu in my apparent death wish, I ordered the Tournedos of Beef with Bernaise sauce and mushroom caps.  It was, admittedly, overkill but I also got the baked potato (huge) with sour cream and chives instead of mashed.  The tournedos arrived, properly served on toast triangles with Bearnais absolutely ladled onto the meat and the toast and the plate.  Suicide by fork! 

Richie's order was much more circumspect:  medallions of beef sauteed in wine, butter and lemon and mashed potatoes.  He drank a glass of BV Cabernet Sauvignon and I had a glass of BV Merlot.  Replete, we refused dessert; the waiter boxed up my second tournedo and most of the baked potato and we waddled slowly away.

Over breakfast this morning, Himself informed me that he had been up at 4 and again at 5 a.m. with diarrhea.  Doesn't seem fair somehow.  I was the one that ate nothing but "bad stuff" and he was the one that got sick.  Maybe this means that I didn't kill my arteries after all...

The Bull Pen
314 Avenue I, Redondo Beach

P.S.  Leftover baked potato with sour cream and chives?  Scrape the meat out, add a can of chicken broth - soup!

COMMENT:  "D" wrote:  Are you sure it was the food?  He could be upset about the Piazza comments, the asteroid/meteor might be affecting him; pitchers and catchers reporting could have excited him, no more Dorner chase excitement or the American -Useless Air merger might be the reason -- and you can probably rule out the Clippers dominating the Lakers.  I would have taken the free Bloody Mary.

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