Monday, February 4, 2013

"Candy is Dandy, But Liquor is Quicker" - Ogden Nash

A friend of ours loves liquor-filled chocolates.  She mentioned this just before Christmas so I went to See's Chocolates and made inquiries.  No, they no longer make or sell them; it's against the law in California.

Where is there a state that doesn't care what (much) you do within its borders?  Las Vegas, Nevada!  I went to Ethel M Chocolates (a division of Mars Bars) and sure enough, there they were.  I ordered a box and next day they were at our house. 

I hadn't ordered them overnight delivery (which is ruinously expensive) but apparently due to the season, the shipper got confused. 

It annoys me to pay the equivalent of the good's price for shipping.   I determined to find a better source.  At about the same time, another friend was flying to Managua, Nicaragua, for vacation.  I asked him to eyeball duty-free and see if they were available.

Instead he found a shop there that sold them and he bought a box.  We took them over to her house and we all had one.  Looking at the label, I discovered they had been made in Azusa, California!  These were well-traveled chocolates!

But it was odd that selling them in California is illegal, but exporting them to Managua clearly was not.  Curious, I googled "Very Special Chocolates" and when the site popped up, I noticed that people had written comments about their experience with these chocolates.

The first one was nice enough - "Was given a box as a gift, beautiful presentation."  The third was "I purchased mine at (such-and-such) store."  But the second comment seized my attention:  "Don't eat it.  I work there and the chocolates are dirty."

Several things occurred to me - that the statement was true or that it was an angry employee or that it was just some merry prankster thinking they were being funny.  You could spend a morning, looking up food sites and writing the same thing for all of them.

Anyhow, none of us have gotten sick and that's the important thing.  Care for a chocolate?

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