Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Richie Made the Paper!

His Letter to the Editor ran in today's Daily Breeze and is possibly his third to be printed.

"Where on Earth is Congress? 

A meteor exploded over Russia.  As asteroid just missed hitting the Earth.  A stinking cruise ship finally makes port.  All big news.  But we miss the big story about oil prices spiking.  Why?  Because Congress takes the week off, even though they have a lot of work to do.  They don't care.
Richard W. Murphy, Redondo Beach"

If you, too, would like to run in your newspaper, here are some suggestions...

1.  Keep it short -- newspaper columns are still measured and there may be a space or gap on the page.  That's where you come in with a quip or  witty line.  You'll be using three lines - one for the heading, second for your words of wisdom and third for your name and city. 

2.  "letters @ (newpaper name). com will usually get it there, but look at the bottom of the column and see for sure where they want it sent exactly.

3.  The letter writer does not write the headline above the letter.  The editor or assistant does that.  

4.  There is a specific form used to write to the editor.  You salutation is "Dear Sirs:" your close-off is "Sincerely, Name You Wish To Use, full street address and phone number."

5.  Make sure you spelling is correct; your paragraphing as well.  What will usually get your piece in is a letter that the editor can skim, toss to an assistant and say, "Run it."  Editors hate to edit! 

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