Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Prudes Rarely Do Drugs

The real reason we prudes would never do drugs?

Overdose - Jim Belushi, naked on his bed, sheet flung back at the Chateau Marmont
Overdose - Elvis Presley - seated on the toilet
Overdose - Lenny Bruce - seated on the toilet
Overdose - Judy Garland - seated on the toilet; in fact she'd been there so long rigor mortis had set in
Overdose - Brittany Murphy, bathtub
Presumed overdose - Whitney Houston, bathtub
Alcohol - Jim Morrison, bathtub

We're called "prudes" for a reason! If we weren't already dead, being found in circumstances like the above would kill us, then and there. Yes, I doubt we would know anything about how we were found, but even the idea of Stark Naked On A Toilet has the power to deter us from any consideration of a toot or a puff! The horror!

Moral: Don't Do Drugs and You Won't Wind Up Naked and Dead. Think of what the neighbors would say!

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