Friday, February 24, 2012

Dribbles From a Sippy Cup

Yesterday we had the pleasure of a visit with one of my oldest friends -- Sue's and my friendship is carbon-dated to back when we were both in kindergarten. We subsequently graduated in the same class in high school. Despite distances (LA and Chicago) and her subsequent marriages and child raising, we have remained friends. Sue urged me to "get online! for Pete's sake," and now that I have, she never reads her mail!

Sue loves to take road trips. She travels fully equipped, too. I vividly remember the high school reunion held in Kansas City. She'd driven down to it from south Chicago and among her various bags was a fully equipped traveling bar! Martini shaker, room for a couple of bottles, corkscrew, glasses and all! For this trip, she'd taken the train to Winslow, Arizona? where her daughter Lynn met her with all of her gear.

Richie and I did our homework and read Sue's daughter Lynn's very interesting blog because we hadn't met her yet. Lynn has proved to be as intrepid as her mother in her travels. Sue has always loved what she calls "blue line roads" which are the one and two lane roads marked in blue on a map. Lynn has taken traveling even farther -- she drives a Winnebago View 24 while towing a Chevy Tracker ZR2. Her big yellow Lab Millie is often her sole companion across the country. She is a talented photographer and I urge you to look at yesterday's blog to see a stunning shot of a cactus outlined against a setting sun.

We had a grrrreat visit! I'd do it all again today if it were possible.

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