Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Silliness Approaches...en garde!

I'm referring to the Oscars late tomorrow afternoon. Or as I like to think of them:

O !

I am not the most attentive when it comes to movies. "The Great Train Robbery" (circa 1908) may have been the last movie I sat through in a cinema. I am perfectly content to wait until a "hot" film comes to our main library. Then I can watch it in the comfort of my home, glass of wine at hand, feet on the coffee table.

Of this year's slate of nine up for Best Picture honors, I have seen exactly none of them.
I do recognize some well-established names.
Best Actor 2 names
Best Actress 2 "
Best Supporting Actors - 3
Best Supporting Actress - 0
Best Director - 2

"Then why on earth do you look forward to the Oscars?" you may be asking. The Oscar ceremonies are a rich chance to see what various actresses are (barely) wearing, the annual "Worst Hair" award, who's drunk, who's on drugs... the most over-the-top acceptance and how many times they have to play "The End" music when some actor rambles on and on.

And it's free! You don't often get entertainment like this for free! How can you NOT watch the Oscars?

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