Sunday, February 19, 2012


The March edition of Bon Appetit came yesterday and within its pages was a very new idea to me - baking a topping onto the waffle while the waffle is cooking. Example: ham and cheese waffles. Make your usual waffle batter, pour it into the waffle maker and then top the raw batter with 1 rounded T shredded ham and one T shreded sharp, white Cheddar. Close the lid and continue as usual. The mag says to serve the waffle with maple syrup, but I'm going, "Maple syrup and Cheddar cheese?"

The mag mentions restaurants that serve "exotic" toppings and going by the locations, this is nationwide.

Toppings: blueberry compote, cream cheese pudding and a graham cracker crust, The Waffle Window, Portland, OR

Green tea batter, topped by lemon-ginger whipped cream, Waffles, Chicago

Cornmeal batter, maple-braised pork belly topping, Skillet Diner, Seattle

Batter: brown butter and red wheat flour, toppings? Seared Tennessee foie gras with grilled South Carolina peaches, Husk, Charleston, SC

Cornmeal batter topped with lobster, garlic-lemon spinach, slow-poached eggs and bacon Hollandaise. Tilia, Minneapolis

Black pudding batter, toppings red wine-poached pears and whipped foie gras butter. Public, New York

I think I'd start slow... maybe chop some strawberries as a topping and serve with whipped cream -- for dessert, not breakfast!

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