Sunday, February 5, 2012

An "A-hah!" Moment

We have three Trader Joe stores within easy driving distance of the house, but we seem to prefer the one in Riviera Village (the southern end of Redondo Beach.) Because the wine department is on the way to the checkout clerks, I will often stop and check out the champagnes/proseccos/sparkling wines. The shelves always look as though no one has bought any of the above for quite some time.

Yesterday though, there were huge gaps in this department. I was confused. Who the hell would buy champagne to toast the Super Bowl winners? It would be wildly unusual for that to happen in a beach community (populated largely by surfers, Ugg wearers and other laggards.)

And then I remembered. In addition to the Super Bowl this afternoon, this morning's event was the Redondo Beach Supr Bowl 10K! It would be perfectly normal to drink champagne after that! Bragging rights on best time, most awarded six-pack, fastest parent pushing a baby carriage (with baby.)

Mystery solved!

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