Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something Sinister Going On?

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, "Prinz" von A's public antics have amused me for quite some time. Abducted by two women, stripped naked, left by the side of the road as they drove off in his car... the run for California governor... His inspired lunacies have long been a source of extreme mirth to me.

Yesterday evening, he threw a 95th birthday party for ailing wife, Zsa Zsa, at their home. Reuters news service reports that The Prinz greeted everyone by showing them the chocolate birthday cake -- candles still smoking; nice touch that -- he said was given to Zsa Zsa by chef Wolfgang Puck.

Since Zsa Zsa was kept behind closed doors for the entire evening, it is a question of some interest as to who actually blew out the birthday candles? Yes, I can imagine this scenario:

Prinz to ZsaZsa, "Come, my darlink, let me make you more comfortable..." reaches out, takes her hand. "But! My darlink! Your little hand is ice cold!"

At this point he realizes, so is the rest of her! She died! And no one even noticed it!

Gott in Himmel! I've got 50 guests out there ... vot vill I do? (Thinks, then face lights up) Vere iss my lighter? fumbles through pockets. Finds lighter and lights birthday candles on the small chocolate cake he had set on the bedside table. Candles burn brightly and then Poof! he blows them out. He then shouts, "Happy birthday, my darlink! I'm going to show your cake to all of the guests now!" Tenderly he draws the sheet up over her head...

The guests were served a white, layered cake with the initials "ZZ" printed on each layer. Fresh strawberries topped this cake.

Meanly it occurs to me that a strawberry shortcake is considerably cheaper than a layered, frosted cake..Perhaps the pink champagne put him over-budget and he had to scrimp on something!

But: mostly I find it awfully suspicious that the celebrant was behind closed doors...all evening long.

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