Friday, February 10, 2012

"Strongly Disagree"

I enjoy reading the Letters to the Editor in the Daily Breeze and the LA Times. I feel it gives me insight into what people are really thinking by what they feel important enough to sit down and take the time to write a letter about it. This is especially true of the Daily Breeze, not so much the LA Times whose editors and managers are largely slanted to "pro-Democrat."

But this morning I read a letter that made my blood boil, so to speak. One Fred Blachly, of Long Beach, wrote to protest the "gay" judge's overturning of Proposition 8. He is outraged that the will of the people can be so airily dismissed. Okay, he makes a good point about the fact that we talk with our votes and it is maddening, depending on which side of the overturn you are on, to have one's vote dismissed.

I had to remind myself repeatedly while reading the next bit of his letter that this is America; anyone can say any damned thing they feel like saying. What made me so h ot?

"Obviously marriage throughout the nation is failing, (Based on what statistics? Nina) vows are taken lightly (Insert the name Kim Kardashian here. Nina) and it is the future generations that shall suffer (Misuse of "shall." Nina) especially as same-sex marriage spreads and further dilutes marriage, the family structure, the family tree and family heritage. It is not unlike a cancer and it continues to spread."

How the hell does a same-sex marriage dilute a straight marriage? Answer: it doesn't because it cannot. "Marriage" is the public entering into a pact between two people to cling only to one another, "forsaking all others." It's a statement of intent between these two people and no one else.

As far as "diluting the family structure, the family tree and family heritage" there is no reason that a same-sex couple couldn't also have all of the above.

That letter was a good example to all the rest of us. No matter where you are - and Blachly says he lives in Long Beach - where the population, interestingly, is heavily gay - there are whack jobs, thrusting their righteous swords toward the heavens. I believe they are all employed by the Burning Cross Factory, where the company uniform is a white robe and hood.

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