Saturday, February 11, 2012

Looking At An Unpleasant Day

I know that any readers who live in the colder states will shriek with laughter at my idea of an "unpleasant" day which would be what today is. Overcast with possible showers and a daytime high of 59 degrees. ALL DAY, that's the best it's going to get.

Happily I have an insanely ridiculous book to finish off. It's "Lunatics" by Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel G. P. Putnam's Son 309 pages $25.95

The two main characters are suburban Dads. One's daughter plays in the AYSO league; the other Dad referees the games. An altercation on the soccer fields leads to revenge and that escalates into a misunderstanding by the police and federal government that the two are international terrorists. To give you an idea of the inanity, they hijack an older couple's passports and cruise tickets, board the ship and take a nap, worn out from the stress of overthrowing the government of Cuba. Upon awakening, well out on the sea, they discover that it's a "clothing optional" cruise. Isn't that just bust-a-gut funny? Not especially, but it's a good example of Barry and Zweibel's senses of humor.

The whole book is beyond silly, but it's an okay escape read on a rainy day.

Since I knew yesterday that today would be a bummer, I bought stewing beef for a Daube Provencale (which is nothing more than a French beef stew) and mushrooms. We already have carrots, onions, bacon and the beef bouillon needed.

Why does beef stew go with gloom? Because it cooks in the oven for three hours at 300-degrees! This drafty, cold house will be toasty warm until bedtime! The ceiling fan in the dining room spreads the heat out over the entire floor.

Speaking of mushrooms, I took some that I'd bought yesterday, sliced them and sauteed them in a mix of butter and Worcestershire sauce. When they were done, I tossed them into the macaroni and cheese I'd also made. MacShrooms, anyone?

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