Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Virgins at The Feast, or Our 1st Wine-Tasting Dinner

No photo available, but the Amuse Bouche was billed as Cucumber and Ginger. Each person was given a clean fork with a thin roll of cucumber on the tine ends with a dab of what might have been creme fraise. I thought it would be more interesting with a long sliver of candied ginger running through it, but I'm no chef.
1st Course Green-Tea smoked Wild King Salmon Belly, Wrapped in a Crispy Kasha and Rice Paper Skin, Soba Noodles, Avocado Pudding, Soy Epsuma (foam) and Wasabi Tobiko Caviar.

Wine: 2005 Joseph Drouhin Sechers

I'm sure it was there, but I didn't find the wasabi, which is a flavor I like. Looking at the dish, I thought the puddle of pale green WAS the wasabi, but it was avocado instead.

2nd Course Pan-roasted Squab with Poached White Peach, Foie Gras, Garden Beans and Annato Seed Oil

Wine: 2003 Tempranillo, Montecillo Reserva

I nearly lost it, looking down at the squab (aka young domestic pigeon.) The purple meat ... the little leg sticking up in the air...but I did eat all of the other items. The Poached White Peach was served over a bed of grilled red onions.

Funny story: After the dinner a fellow guest asked me what was that 2nd course? I told her, "Pigeon" and she shrieked and said, "I thought it was some kind of fish! I ate it!"


Blackberry and Cabernet Sorbet -- after the first bite, I beamed - Delicious!

Wine: people finished off what they had in their glass.

3rd Course: Dou of Wagyu Beef, Braise and Grilled with a Hibiscus BBQ Sauce. Black-eyed Pea croquettes, Chayote Puree, Pearl Onions and a Manchego Cheese Tuile. What look like onion rings are the Manchego Cheese Tuiles. The Chaote Puree was slightly tart and very good. The black-eyed pea croquettes went well with the excellent beef.

Wine: 2003 Shiraz, Elderton Command -- sweeter than I expected and worked very well with the meat.

DESSERT: "Plum Bread Pudding with Hazelnut and Carmel" That's a bed of plum aspic with plum slices supporting the bread pudding. In the background you will get a glimpse of the hazel and carmel roll -- it looked exactly like a Vienna sausage! And it was delicious!
Wine: 2007 Riesling Spatlese, Markus Molitor

Congratulations to Chef Morgan Wesley! Congratulations to Sommelier Steve Curtis!

But next time could you serve something I like to eat? lol!

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