Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some Oddities of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin

These are battered, deep-fried cheese curds as served by the Village Bar Supper Club. They're usually served with ranch dressing.

Sign on the way to Milwaukee - "Bong Recreational Park" I thought, "Yeah, I'd bet so..."

Listening to NPR on the car radio, we heard a veddy, veddy Brit guy talking about "pod-estrians" - people walking around oblivious to the world around them, focused entirely on their music mix or whatever. He reported that in London alone, they are routinely mowed down by bicyclists, cars, buses... He reported seeing one man walking across the street while reading a book! I thought "death wish" to myself...

There aren't any mosquitos in Galena Territory because there is no still water, but the black flies leave a terrible welt. Didn't have access to anti-itch cream, so daubed a bit of toothpaste on the bites -- worked like a charm!

Other uses for toothpaste (other than the original purpose): Remove Kool-Aid stains; on minor burns (but I don't recommend this;) to clean ivory piano keys; to remove smells from your hands - use like soap - and to spot clean your shoes. Would NOT advise this on suede shoes. Are you listening to me, Elvis?

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