Thursday, August 19, 2010


We didn't go to South Texas so we'll be right here next Tuesday.

If you've noticed that the American Airlines logo looks like a raptor about to strike, I know why. They have been greedily over-selling seats. To and from Chicago, gate agents were pleading for pax to take the next flight out -- for $300 or $400 and a guaranteed seat. Today they didn't even bother. At one point there were 37 stand-bys on the list.

In a belated thrill, we learned that both of our checked bags DID go to San Antonio. I told the Lost Bags Lady to tell them to at least send a postcard. American will bring them to the house (if or ever they turn up and didn't continue on to, say Mexico City.)

I might point out that my bags contained very nearly all of my resort collection of clothes...and two pairs of shoes.

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