Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Have You Tried?

In digging out space in the garage for the new (and bigger) washer and dryer, Richie unearthed a little book put out by a club that calls itself "The Southern California Unit, Herb Society of America."

Scattered among the pages of recipes is the phrase "Have you tried_____?" Here are some of them.

Have You Tried
Cayenne in cream cheese?
Mustard sauce on broccoli?
Cumin in fruit sauce?
Basil in clam chowder? (!)
Marjoram in eggplant casseroles?
Allspice in meat loaf?
Basil in cornbread?
Fresh chopped mint on vanilla ice cream?
Tumeric in creamed eggs? (Creamed eggs?!)
Bay leaf steamed with beets?
Caraway seeds in cottage cheese?
Coriander in chicken loaf?
Celery seeds in baking powder biscuits?
Poppy seed with noodles?
Anise seeds in apple sauce or baked apples?
Curry powder with grated cheese?
Savory with beets?
Tumeric in creamed eggs (They're baaaack!)

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