Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sharon Tells Her Side of It

"Extreme, My Autobiography" by Sharon Osbourne with Penelope Dening Springboard Press 365 pages $24.99

God works in mysterious ways? I'd just finished "I Am Ozzy" when we went to a library book sale and there, grinning knowingly out at me was wife Sharon, on the cover of her book. Naturally, I bought it. I always like to check veracity.

She dwelt a lot more on Ozzy's physical abuse of her than he did in apologizing for it in his book. Clearly Brit schools don't teach something that is paramount in our schools: We don't hit other people. Ozzy turned her into his private punching bag when displeased or even just cranky - pow! He'd pop her one. In turn, it must be said that she relished a good physical fight and often went at him with fists and nails. Her specialty seems to have been throwing things and she readily admits to having trashed several of their homes' interiors.

Of interest to the medical community is that they both have an anatomical quirk called "Toilet Tongue" - about every 8th to 10th word is an obscenity.

Her life in "show biz" started when she was around 15, working for her father Don Arden, a noted figure in the music business (for criminal theft and wanna-be thuggery.)

She has clearly been the driving force behind all of Ozzy's post-Black Sabbath fame.

She is a devoted mother (who claims to have gone through more than a dozen nannies, hired to work two at a time) - and is very proud of the children - Aimee, Kelly and Jack. In fact, they seem always to have had "staff." She doesn't cook and used to hide her jewels in the oven. "I knew they'd be safe there!" she chortles. She has overcome colon cancer as well as extensive plastic surgery and one of the first lap band surgeries for weight loss and diet control.

Hey, it's only rock'n roll!

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