Thursday, August 19, 2010

"More of that good bread, please!"

Bread fans at Vinny Vanucchi's Little Italy, 201 S. Main Street, Galena, IL 815-777-8100

This is both a restaurant and an Italian deli, located in an old house. It's filled with rooms, nooks and crannies and if I'd had an Italian grandmother who never threw anything away, I'd feel right at home.

We had a table on the top floor and enjoyed the view, down a hill toward the Galena main drag.

Jane and Sharon had that day's special - eggplant parmesan; Richie the lasagna with sausage and I the pasta alfredo. All come with a salad in a great big bowl and a big basket of absolutely delicious garlic bread. Steeped in olive oil and grilled slightly, these chunks of bread were heavenly. Four of us had very filling lunches for a grand total of $49.79 (iced tea/water all around) and could have taken leftovers home.

Mickey Finn's, 412 N. Milwaukee, Libertyville, IL 847-362-6688

They brew their own here and have a variety of beer styles. We ordered a pitcher of their version of a Mexican beer and it was quite good. More body than a Corona or Pacifico, but as light.

Lots and lots of bar food, ranging from a taco dip with chips to pork sliders (three for $5.95,) quesadillas (choice of mushrooms, beef, chicken, cheese,) Philly cheese steak sandwiches ($9.50) all reasonably priced. Five of us had two pitchers of beer ($15) two glasses of chardonnay ($16) and a lot of food for a total of $91.13 or less than $20 per person for drinks AND dinner.

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