Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Harley-Davidson Museum Facts

It's located at 6th and Canal, Milwaukee, WI.

In 1903 - 107 years ago - William S. Harley, age 23, and Arthur Davidson, age 22, began making and selling motorcycles. This museum honors their very successful efforts.
Before we even got there, people told us that H-D was moving/undergoing bankruptcy and worse, but an article dated 8/4/2010 stated that the plant may move (costing Milwaukee some 1,600 jobs) but the odds are good that the museum would remain.

There are three buildings -- the main museum with permanent exhibits; a smaller building with gift shop and restaurant and a third, reserved for traveling exhibits. At the time of our visit the honored guest was Evel Kneivel - "There's A Little Bit of Evel In All of Us" being the theme. What amused me was that in a big room, full of Evel artifacts (white leather suit, various rockets, motorcycles and so on -- real things -- all of the men present were staring at a huge screen running replays of his various jumps. Yeah, guys and television; you can't separate them.

In related news, this morning's Daily Breeze reports the death of a fourth motorcyclist at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis, SD.

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