Monday, August 2, 2010

Too Funny Not to Share

I have a stack of old issues of Town & Country magazine, saved up for me by a friend. I love the wedding photos! Totally posed, and everyone is bragging about where they got married -- Venice, Italy; Cabo San Lucas, Marin County ... Oh and the gown designer's name is always mentioned. "Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Bartles von Hinkydink (Olivia Carry St. John in Vera Wang)" is the style.

Today I noticed a small, discreet ad for Regal Domestics, Inc. ( and had a wonderful time laughing. They provide such as house and estate managers, chefs/cooks, butlers, housemen and yacht staff!

There are spaces for prospective employers to tell them what is needed; there is a form for the applicants. The very first thing asked is whether or not you smoke! Would you be comfortable working in a "smoking home"? Apparently the wealthy do still smoke (take that Surgeon General!)

Thoroughly enthused about pretending I am a very wealthy woman looking for "staff" I went to another site -- -- which lists real people for hire! I had a ball reading their resumes! I can't recommend this pasttime highly enough!

I mean, when you win the lottery, you're going to need to be prepared!

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