Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturdays with Mr. Now You Know We Don't Have to Buy It Today

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to the Hermosa Beach library book sale at their permanent facility across the side street (Bard) from the fire and police departments. Both of us bought books, but this is definitely a low profile deal. I spent $1.25 myself.

Off to Trader Joe's (scallops in the future along with some $80 on a credit card) took the food home and then set sail for Sears, over in Torrance.

Mission: Appliances. The day before we left for South Texas -- er, thought we were leaving - the dryer door decided to be contrary and to refuse to stay shut. Whatever I braced against it fell the moment the dryer's vibrations started. I finally had to build a wall of: a box of books with two big cases of Trivial Pursuit cards on top of that to hold it closed.

The washer has been temperamental, too. I was able to deal with the Start dial snapping in two, but ... sometimes it does the final spin; sometimes it doesn't and you aren't going to know until you stick your hands in the tub.

All said and done? New needed. Richie warned me that this would be a scouting expedition only. He warned me, "We don't have to buy them today, you know." I shrugged; I had more or less jerryrigged a solution to both problems.

At Sears, I detoured briefly down an escalator a floor, went to the Ladies Room and back up the escalator. I discovered Himself deep in conversation with a salesman, certainly no oilier than Uriah Heep. Richie in this brief time had already inspected the two models he'd researched in Consumer Digest and eagerly showed them to me.

I okayed them because the controls on both are quite simple. It is not my ambition to have appliances with controls that look like the cockpit of a 747. Plus: Simplest lasts longest.

Sears will deliver them on Monday. So much for "Now we're just looking, okay?"

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