Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vanity Tops Gullibbility

The Japanese have given us a number of cultural "oddities," if you will. In no particular order, Hello, Kitty, the Tamagotchi or Nano babies, Anime and the See-Through Skirt -- regular skirt material overprinted with a woman's body in underwear. Think of our t-shirts with the muscular dude or the well-endowed woman.

Now comes this* - Collagen is a long-time wrinkle filler; it's injected into the crease. It's now available in Japanese foods such as soft-shell turtle and pig's feet and Japanese woman are said to be cramming them down in the hope that the collagen will rise to its true destiny (so to speak) and depart from the stomach into facial wrinkles. The newest product is a slice of cheesecake! The manufacturer says each slice contains 1,000 milligrams of collagen.

Annet King, of the International Dermal Institute said, (scornfully I hope) "There's no way that eating collagen boosts collagen in skin." Drop the pigs feet, ladies, and have a steak instead.

* Source: January issue of "W"

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