Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tree Huggers and Greenies - Rejoice!

Up for adoption! For a holiday gift or for yourself...

Adopt an olive tree from the Nudo olive estate in the Italian Apennines - you'll receive four tins of the first cold-press-extra virgin olive oil in the Spring and three tins of infused olive oil in the Fall. One year - $150

Closer to home - adopt a maple tree - and get the syrup! You will receive a certificate, a photo (of the tree) and a package of products for each tap you purchase. per tap - $23.40

Adopt a rain forest tree! The purveyors state that it will never be destroyed or "commercially exploited" (How do you exploit a tree? Take pictures of it sans bark?) You will receive ownership documents with the GPS location for your tree, located in Biaciu, Brazil. $49.95 (Please google adopt a rainforest tree)

Stepping back from the woods - adopt a llama or an alpaca for 25 Euros a month for 12 months. A certificate, a photo with details about your llama, two free admissions to the Park along with their newsletter (Stay in touch with your llama!) Ashdown Forest Llama Park, somewhere in England.

The Adopt-A-Highway program (familiar to many a freeway traveler) exists in 14 states. The monthly fee paid goes to Adopt-A-Highway to actually do the trash pick-ups. Closer to home, Adopt-A-Street in Long Beach, CA. The cost varies based on location (1/2 mile long) and times per month it has to be cleaned up.

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