Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Race

Back in mid-October, I was felled by a virus on a nerve in my right leg. After about five doctor visits (two MDs - orthopod to neuro hand-off) it was decided that I have a "viral ridiculitis of the iliac femoral nerve." An anti-viral drug was prescribed and I took it. Happily the leg began to respond. The neuro assured me I'd be my old self by the first of the year.

Two nights ago, the very same symptoms began to show up in my "good" leg. Happily I had refilled the anti-viral Rx just before I was told "10 days only."

The race, you ask? Can the drug beat the virus before the next symptoms show up?! Bet to the drug because if not, I project that I'll be falling down all over again by Tuesday morning. I've got the weekend to load up on books and snacks before I reclaim Richie's recliner. C'mon on drug!

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