Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prattling ...

Brr Fer Sure!
At 6:12 this morning, it was 44 outdoors and 55 in our living room. Into winter mode at warp speed! Turned on the gas wall heater in the upstairs hall full blast, waited 15 minutes and then turned on the dining room ceiling fan at it's lowest speed. Warmth spread.

Our house, like many along our street was built in the '60s and while they are all solidly built, they are not insulated. Then as now, central air is not needed (one mile east of the beach) so minimal heat was provided.

We use our next-door neighbor's garage roof as a weather channel of sorts. It's flat, rain water pools on it and we can estimate rainfall; rain drops ripple the sitting water so we can see exactly how heavy any rain might currently be. This morning Richie reported he saw a thin glaze of ice on it.

I have learned (over approximately 24 years) never to remonstrate with Richie, "It's winter, dammit!" because he will smugly reply, "It's not 'winter' until December 21st which is the shortest day of the year." (Unspoken 'So Ha!') This response only raises my blood presssure, so I have learned to say, "Brrr! It's cold!" No one could argue with that.

The Tiger Woods Furor
I am genuinely not getting it. Mistress after mistress (allegedly) comes forward. So what? If you've read dan Jenkins' "Dead Solid Perfect" (and you should) you would know that his life style is more the norm than not in the golf world.

I say if you want scandal, you've only to peruse the items about Angelina and Brad -- six kids and not married yet! Now that's a shanda!

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime
This morning the upstairs toilet was blocked. Richie just finished snaking it out and reports that it is operable. Now he has to shave, shower and get into his finery for today's last Vanguards Christmas luncheon. I do think a champagne toast to their illustrious past would be appropriate since I find champagne suitable for every occasion. Especially if someone else is paying for it.

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