Monday, December 14, 2009

A Lone Voice Crying in the Wilderness. Again.

(That would be me.) What new groundswell of indignation can I attribute this to?

Two days of headlines (Drudge and elsewhere) "Houston May Elect/Elects First Openly Gay Mayor! What is so important about including a person's sexual orientation into a political or religious discussion/election? I'll tell you - nothing whatsoever!

What? Houston Elects First Closeted Gay Mayor? Clandestine Gay Elected Mayor?

It may come as a surprise to many, but Texas has just as many homosexuals as any other place. Don't let the cowboy image cloud reality.

To get to a source, I ranted about this to a friend (who is gay) and he replied, "She's a lesbian (as in "Who cares?") I reeled in shock. He went on to say that "Your city (RB) elected the first gay mayor in the country - how's he doing anyhow?" (Not phrased that politely.) I immediately fired back a missile on "accepting others" "individual prejudices ("I hate Obama/the Nazis/HiHos) are perfectly acceptable, but not group generalizations!"

He's laughing (loves to set me off) and I'm still fuming! Damn AP style!

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