Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mixed Emotions About New Year's Eve

First, I don't think it should be a mandatory celebration just because we traveled on another year. No one celebrates November 1st which is the official holiday season...New Year's resolutions are silly -- you know you've got a problem (smoking, drinking, weight gain) well get off your languid ass and do something about it NOW. Wistful thinking isn't going to get you anywhere. Discipline will.

New Year's and St. Patrick's Day are the only two annual events that seem to be mandatory celebrations in a bar. Huh? Christmas is (by and large) reverential; Easter is joyous for reasons not clearly understood by me - death by cross has got to be extremely painful over a number of days.

I think it's healthier from a pyschological point-of-view to be grateful for all of the things that you currently enjoy. I'm grateful that Richie and I have a good, sound marriage; that we own more of the house than the bank does; that both cats, the cockatiel and (for the moment) both goldfish seem to be in good health. That we have "money enough" to indulge in an occasional splurge. For example, we bought tickets (instead of trying for Coach on MAA - which would have been free) to Paris. Air France is direct; MAA is not.

No, if I had to wish for something in 2010 it's that the following people would Just Disappear Awready!
*The entire Loham clan - attention junky Daddy, stage mommie Dina and Linsay who needs a pyschiatric intervention. Perhaps Sam Ronson would like to go with her.
* Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey and her mother. Same mental institution just for fun.
* Jon Gosselin. He's ugly, badly behaved and how the hell is he still "news"? Ans. He isn't.
* Every one of the exploitive TV shows -- survivors, bachelors, dancing, talent -- you get my drift. It's the days of the Roman circuses all over again. And that's not good...

In any event, do your best and have a happy New Year and 2010. NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

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