Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not-So-Jolly Christmases

I took an informal poll and these were the results:

(East Texas) The Cowboy writes, "I have a Christmas story. One year my sister, who then was always broke and without resources, was flush due to a bonus from her work. She bought me the largest display from Hickory Farms in the mall. I was thrilled at that because she never bought me anything and I really do like the sausage and cheese. I brought it home and opened it Christmas Eve with my mouth all set for a treat. It was the Styrofoam display box! Broken-hearted me ... (pause) I think it was the vendor's mistake."

(Palos Verdes Estates) She nodded at her husband of 64 years and said, "He once gave me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas!" Awed, I asked, "How long did he wear it?" She frowned grimly, thought and replied, "It was at least two weeks before I spoke to him again."

(South Redondo) "I'd only been flying as an attendant for six months, so I had no seniority at all. I had to do an overnight in Boise Christmas Eve! There were only two FAs on that plance and as soon as we landed (the pilots had taken off again) she said, " I bid this because my family and my boyfriend are here -- see you for tomorrow's flight!"

She left me all alone in a strange town, strange hotel - everything was closed so I couldn't go buy a book -- I've never traveled without one since! The TV only got about three stations, the reception was terrible -- worst Christmas of my life!"

(Beverly Hills 27 years ago) Richie and I met July 14th and for our first Christmas, he gave me a bottle Shalimar (perfume, not cologne) and a rubber bath mat! He said my tub floor was slippery and I might fall.

(North Redondo yesterday) Richie's brother and his wife were so pleased that he's taken an interest in baking that they sent him a cake stand! Not any ordinary cake stand, you may be sure. A proud product of Sonoma Williams, it is made of very heavy glass (bulletproof?) could hold a cake big enough for a multitude and weighs enough that if it's ever dropped, I predict it would go straight through the dining room floor and wind up - intact - downstairs.

May you all fare much, much better this year!

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