Monday, December 21, 2009

Drive-By Shopping/It's All Done!

This morning we went to the Manhattan Beach Mall, I hit two stores for gift certificates and we left. We stopped at Trader Joe's for two more. We went to Sports Authority (formerely SportMart) and I bought two more. We then proceeded to the Mail Boxes R Us (or equivalent) and mailed off: three bundles of rubberbanded Christmas cards, two padded envelopes, two packages, four envelopes bound to France and one to Israel. Damn! Those places are handy! The store was practically empty and it took less than 10 minutes.

Upon arrival at the Murphy Mansion, we discovered a large box near the front door. Grinning to myself, I unlocked the door and went upstairs. I had bought it for Richie. After awhile I hear him cussing at it, trying to heave it inside the house. Once it was in and the security door locked, he pounded up the stairs. "It's too big! I'll never get that box up the stairs."

Icily I suggested that go back downstairs, uncrate it and see. (Expletives deleted; it's the holiday season.) Pretty soon, here he came, carrying the new CD player (five at a time!) upstairs in the heavy duty shipping bag with one hand.

Now his tune was all happy - "This is great! Thank you!" I looked coldly at him and said, "Aren't you forgetting something?" "I love you?" "No. C'mon..." he looked questioning and I said, "How about 'I'm sorry I was such a (adj.) (noun)?'" "Oh," he said. "Oh, indeed," I replied.

If that's the worst exchange over the season, all will be well. However, neighbors and friends should be warned: the new system comes with karaoke abilities.

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