Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bird Menaces and Child Pornography

A Korean Air jet was grounded just before take-off so that the crew could catch a sparrow that had come in through the jetbridge door and was flying around inside the plane. All of the 123 passengers dutifully exited the plane, got on a different plane and took off. Delay time? Three hours. Helluva'n agile sparrow or a bird-terrified crew ... you decide.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey launched an 8-day raid that netted them 1,236 geese. (What happened to the geese was not disclosed, but some people like them for Thanksgiving or Christmas meals.) Volunteers coated 1,739 eggs with corn oil so that they wouldn't hatch. Both acts came to a grand total of $50,000. You will be interested to learn that there are now 20 people licensed to carry shotguns on airport grounds...Wear an orange vest if you're boarding there.

A United Kingdom children's advocate group is up in arms. The full-body scanners being tested at Manchester Airport violates the laws against child pornography!!! The airport management argued back that the scanners do not constitute child pornography under the 1978 Protection of Children Act, but prudently backing down a bit, they have gotten legal counsel.

Source: Vanguards last newsletter after 35 years.

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