Saturday, March 5, 2022

Who Let the Sheep out?

W're having huge, strong winds today.   Richie looked this up and found and found it's traveling at 28 mph  WxW.   It feels like a hella lot of noise for "only" 28mph.  Well idle speculation is of no particular value here,

Now to tackle this sheep thing.  It's rather obscure if you don't speak French .  Because of this lurid wind, we decided to go to our favorite Pacific viewing spot  certain that said ocean would be in an uproar.  we took a ride down the shore.  And our lovely navy blue ocean was awash in white foam..  To be blunt I immediately got it about the French's they looked like sheep butts.  A mature sheep is a Mouton not only in French but on  many a menu.

Once upon a time our neighbors across a stairwell at The Peppertree apartments lived in peace and happiness.  - us newly married, Dee Air Force Acadamy graduate  and  punch line Rich Mouton all lived happily together.  Dining in one or nor another's home they were and air Dodger 

In the ensuing years Mouts  my nickname for him for Mouton got married a couple of times; more recently Dee has overcome The Virus and no longer is tethered to a rolling oxygen tank after 26 days in ICU.

A happy event. And all of us are healthy and happy.  The only semi-bad thing is that the wind is so strong you can't hear the sheep bellowing.  I think they bellow but damned if I know.

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