Tuesday, March 8, 2022

An Interesting juxtaposition of Ukraine and the great State of Kansas!

 My younger sister loves poking - or  jabbing - the family tree

Meant to be - The Sunflower is the official  flower of both.  I don't  think )of sunflowers and a slavic country somehow.   

Today it's  interesting because it links our  mother's her family  to Ukraine    particularly  the ones who came to Kansas (others went to Soth Dakota and Pennsylvania..)  My younger sister wrote the following:


The recent posts by Kansas friends regarding Ukraine as the "bread basket of Europ3with the same state flower  prompted  me to look into my Mennonite great grandparents.  today's were under Russian rule.

But come 1870 unacceptable changes were coming so a delegation of 12 of the 45,000 in South Russia.10,000 departed for South Dakota and some settled in Penn.  The country of Ukraine has a fascinating history.  Recommended reading

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