Friday, March 4, 2022

The Name's the Same But It's a Different Menu

Tin Roof Bistro, Manhattan Beach

I love their Fig and Pig pizza - chunk bacon and cooked figs.  Richie, born in Brooklyn thinks this is a barbarous combination and desecrates "real" pizza  He had their enormous hamburger named after the starter of the place and sneered at me the whole time. 

Reassurance for Tin Roof Bistro junkies.  Tin Roof Bistro Maui! Front Street. 
Different Menu you may be sure
Dashi broth  
Both ring the cash register at $2  Believe me there are no $2 items in the Manhattan Beach branch!

But Maui does have something we don't  Fleetwood Mac's place which is more Hawaiian than the place itself.  Lobster and shrimp roll with jalapena sauce$18
Beer-steamed mussels$24
Crab and Corn fritters $13
Opened by Fleetwod his very own self on 8/23/2012  

And how do I know the above?  My younger sister and my bro-in-law are on Maui as I type.

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