Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Sounds Like Something My Dad Would Do

Two pilots are planning to sky dive into each other's planes IN FLIGHT.  Or so they are planning.

One is sponsored by Red Bull; the other by Hulu.  Damned waste of two good airplanes my Dad would say.  He should know,  in the late 20's ;early '30s he and his thrill seeking bestie and him flew in an  air  circus.  That is, my Dad flew in it until another circus member had to cancel a performance .  Daddyy nailed the wing walker but came a cropper (literally) when his parachute failedAnd didn't open for 1,200 ftt landing at 50 ft in a forlorn frield of dried-up corn stalks.

Source  Drudge Report  Pilots to Swap Planes in Air

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