Saturday, March 12, 2022

Family History -

Always another side of the story - so!  My sister wrote about Ukraine and Kansas but this is my version:  once upon a time:  there was a small village "owned by the tsar."  He decided to raise the rent the villaged sat on.  They were incensed.  To say the least.  About then they began hearing about a wonderful  place called "Kansas."  The adults voted and decided to send they village elders to this wonderfulness if only for the gift of 640 acres to each family FREE.  And  checked and the land was rich and  productive; perfect for growing red wheat, their specialty hence the ensuing nickname Breadbasket of America?)

Anyway the entire village moved in toto to Kansas.  What no one told the villagers was that it was winter time and what with one thing or another the villagers hadn't had time to build houses and they had to live that first winter in the  boxcars that they rode into their area in Kansas,

And with the arriving villagers came John and Anna, a pair of 12 year old orphans  -whom would become my mother's parents.  As a result, I'm only 2nd generation.

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