Friday, March 18, 2022

$43.00 for a Piece of Heaven

Thursday we met our dear friend Dee on the patio of the Hermosa Saloon (Mouton was playing golf.  He's always playing golf.  Yeah, hooked.)   We had Monika with us though.  Richie nicknamed her "The Polish Tornado for the speed at which she punches through life.

The four of us chose to sit at a bench and table in full sunshine out in a spacious patio and proceeded to 3 beers and one lemonade.  Dee is also of Polish descent and he and Monika enjoyed discovering   the similarities.  Grandmothers figured bigly in their tales.

The Hermosa Salon  211 PCH, Hermosa   Fairly reasonable/y priced - sample:3 Stellas $32

1 Pacifico $7.50  For  a grand total of $43.25 - place to have a cold one?  FREE !

Monica doesn't drink so ordered a lemonade.  This is becoming "a thing"  Her drink was free.

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