Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Hah! Gotcha!

April 1 aka April Fools.

Only one I can remember show's it's antiquity.  you'll need a spool of thread for the needle  . because you' are  going to take the threaded needle and, choosing a very visible spot, run a threaded with your trusty needle leaving a long "tail"  dangling  smack in your face.    Other theThe humor:  

The person who made this discovery  will tug on the thread tail.  

and it will keep right on unspooling  The thread will keep unloading.  The face on the puller will reflect the distaste of the thread-puller.

Huh? you say?  This was back in high school - mine not yours.  Google

Visit and Query Funniest  April Fools Day jokes; there're a lot of them  After all who knew what needles and thread were for other than decorative  "Oh my aunt made the most beatiful counted cross stitch for me for my birthday,  She joked that it took a year to make it ,"she said of the finished product "It's for two birthdays!"

Enjoy your April 1st - laugh your butt off!

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