Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Did You Eat Enough at Thanksgiving? It's Simple

If you can't laugh and just sit there sort of wheezing, you did.

A psychiatrist and a proctologist went into business, but what to name it?  They pondered it and passed on:

Minds and Behinds

Catatonics and High Colonics

Nuts and Butts

Loons and Moons

Finally they decided:  Odds and Ends


My friend decided to walk to the edge of the earth to prove it's flat.  He came around eventually.


What do you call a tailor that only alters pants?  A slacker!  A rock band who can't stop washing their hands?  OC/DC


What if the person who named walkie-talkies named other stuff - would we have (stamps) lickie-stickies;

and hippos would become floatie-bloaties

or pregnancy tests were now called maybe-babies (I think that makes a lot of sense myself.)

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