Monday, November 30, 2020

Pandemonium Entertainments

Playing Van Gogh - first each player needs to obtain an Etcha-Sketch (Target $12 I think.) 

Set a start time, announce what you are all going to be drawing.  Example (and a classic starter) an apple. Can't you see one right now?  Betcha you do a dandy.

When the timer bell goes Bing! stop drawing immediately; take a picture of your masterpiece  and e it to the other players, all of whom, just like you, are playing at home.  First good use of a cell phone in ages!

Left, Right, Center  requires $3 in US quarters, dice that indicate if it goes left or right or center.   Three of any brings quarters to your grasping little fists.  Good for a nice windy patio but don't push how long you're out there.  This is so addictive that when the patio lights come on, game's over.

Strip Poker

I can't really endorse this one.  It has to (or certainly should)  take place in the house.  Think of the neighbor's property values!

In a last bid for a laugh, you could buy a copy of my hilariously funny book -"And the Best Blog Is" available at  It has a big red pair of lips on the cover.  Barnes and Noble, will special order it for you.

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