Saturday, November 21, 2020

Calling bullshit on Some Covid "Facts.'

The latest that drilled me right between my disbelieving eyes  was a A Drudge Report headline - Every 17 seconds a person dies of Covid in Europe."  Every 17 seconds, eh?  Hah!  See headline.

How many Europeans are there anyhow?  Shouldn't Europe be absolutely empty by now?" You can do the math, being a helluva  lot math smart than I am.

Total population in Europe is 741.4 million

The largest country by population is Russia at  144.5 million But I, for one, don't trust them around a glass corner.

Turn your calculators molten with  heat and turn the rest of us pre-maturely grey trying to work it out.

If this dubious bit of information has any validity at all, Russia should be gone at 11:17 a.m. tomorrow morning Russian time.  Many Russian mothers will be wailing about not allowing little Vladimir to become an undertaker.

America can do it!

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