Tuesday, November 10, 2020

O Alex - Don't You Remember?

That time we first met - in New Orleans?  At the Old Absinth House?  You had been doing a week's worth of shows in  New Orleans  and the three of us got thirsty at the same time.  You'd finished that day's show and we were  in need of hydration. Seated at the bar, we were amused to see that a previous show was running on the TV.  I'd been doing pretty well right where I was, on the end barstool and when I got the final question  the local sots let out a howl of approval.

You proceeded to upstage me by remarking quietly, : "You do know that at 200 years, this place  is the oldest building in New Orleans?"  I had to look down at the filthy floor and mutter, "No."

Years passed, your fame grew and we never met again. But we became ardent fans.  We'd make dinner reservations for 5 p.m. just to make sure that we didn't miss Jeopardy.  Did you do that, too?  Damn!  We should have gotten take out.  

Author Linda Fairstein's series starring Alexander Cooper, assistant DA New York City, and the two detectives  she works with - Mike Chapman (will they never tear up the sheets?)  and Mercer Wallace,  have a tradition - they try to be with a TV in time to bet the final Jeopardy  question  for $20 each!  Mike's strong suit is historical New York and attractions known and not. Coop' specialty is English lit.  Mercer is the wild card.  Since books are famous for "lasting" bon voyage!  Go, Linda, go!

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