Thursday, November 5, 2020

Looks Like Our Moms May Have Been Right

 I'm referring to her pithy advice about always wearing clean underpants when you venture out.  "What if you're in an accident?" in horrified tones.  

To be truthful, the paramedics in my neighborhood are well worth looking at.  If you have to have a pant less  episode with anyone, be sure to call Dispatch and demand Station 2.  You won't be disappointed.

But you may be stunned if you ever get an epidermal shot.

I was.  I was ushered into The Chamber for mine.  First thing I knew I was facedown on a padded table with a hole in it for your face.

And immediately assailed by what I would consider a rather vigorous attempt to yank my underpants and jeans down to my shins.  I hoped the doctor (male) was amused.   

The nurse (surely a contender in all-in wrestling) was a vigorish one.  This was unnerving enough but nothing to follow when it felt like someone it shoved me and my butt through what seemed like a personal carwash.  Floods and scrubs dealt with me for a bit rather longer than I thought necessary.   Then came the shot.  It was so painful that the doctor said to me, "I've got two more ccs to go; can you stand it?" 

So I said, "In for a penny, in for a pound."   I won't be doing that again.  


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