Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Ir Happens Every Every Four Years

The British invade the United States and our Presidential elections.  They make their preferences very clearly known.  A hapless American viewing it would assume they were Americans with their use, every pronouncement they utter.  All of which are detrimental in the highest power.  

It annoys me mightily - yo! Brits - you are not  legit  voters here.   Get out of our polling places.  

I'm not a fan of the BBC; get off of our airwaves! 

In fairness, I have admired the Beebs for their hiring habits - the ones that don't stutter are immediately replaced by the ones that stammer.  We should do that here in America.  Pity we don't.  Our announcers are largely blazered, long haired (the men) and tight dressed women.  

Back soon - computer took a dump on me and took it in yesterday and am now more or less voiceless.

In fact, I was so unhinged by this sudden computer laryngitis that I was unable to function all the rest of the evening!  "Jeopardy" was the only thing that could could soothe me.  


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