Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A Bad Day on November 18, 1978

 When I heard about it, I was up in the press room at Ontario Motor Speedway where I was shooting a NASCAR race.

I'd come up from the track for a needed gallon of  water.  It was amazingly hot for November.   Only to find the entire press box  yelling, damning  and screaming and very nearly glued to the AP wire.

A story out of Jonestown (where dat?)  reporting the massacre of 900 people via cyanide and valium stirred into the fruit salad, and Flavor aid   (Said to be the cheap-0 Kool-Aid.)

A small discrepancy from Kool-Aid  but unpleasant nonetheness.  

The 600 humans included little kids.  

It's a good read - google and dig!

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