Sunday, March 31, 2019

It's True - Bad Reheasal, Good Show

All of us in this cast were nervous at Friday nights' rehearsal, but now being acquainted with the theatre itself, knowing exactly what we were supposed to do, we all relaxed, visited with each other very pleasantly  as we waited our turn and,  in this case, familiarity did not bring  contempt!

This afternoon is the last performance and then I am done with show biz!   It was an experience, once I got over myself, and promises to be a sold out show if this afternoon is like last night.   Only a few bare spots in the theater seating and small ones at that.  Four or five little vacant seats, crying out for derrieres on them.  There were 90 chairs set up for this, so assume 85 filled is very good.

Probably the very worst of bad taste, but I am throwing a "Come have a drink and an appetizer because I got through this!" for all of the friends and fellow writers who showed up for the show.  A little do at our favorite Mexican restaurant which has a very pleasant patio out front. Roofed against the sun with a garden-style seating area.  And it promises to be almost-summer weather.

I am quite looking forward to it.  To me, it means, "Done!  Never again!"  It's now on my resume and I never have to do it again.  .

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