Friday, March 8, 2019

Sad News for Admirers of Humor in the Written Word

A master humorist has upped and died on us.  Richie, reading the sports pages this morning, announced "Dan Jenkins died."  "Oh, shit!" I replied.  Richie went on, "He was 89."  I reflected on this additional tidbit and said, philosophically, "Well, he had a good run."  But I felt badly anyhow.

I should have remembered what he himself said, apparently on the death of someone he was fond of.  "All day long, I have been telling myself it's only a merry-go-round.  Some people fall off quicker than others.  No big mystery."

Jenkins was born December 2, 1929, in Ft. Worth.  After his parents divorced his grandparents raised him.  He died March 7, 2019, in a hospice facility as a result of Congestive Heart Failure and the effects of a fall.  He leaves wife June, sons Danny and Marty and daughter Sally (also a sports writer of some repute.)

Some quotes:
"What I know about Dubai.  It's one of those over-there-somewhere-places where they make sand."

"Laughter is the only thing that cuts trouble down to a size where you can talk to it."

"If a caddy can help your game, you don't know how to play golf."

"Type fast, get it done and go to a bar."   AMEN!

RIP, Dan Jenkins and thank you so much for the laughs and a very colorful way of expressing various serious matters such as your golf game, crooked zebras in football and other matters of national interest.

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