Sunday, March 3, 2019

A Difference In the Sans - Diego and Francisco

Both have significant numbers of homeless people.  Both have a lack of public toilets; ergo human waste dots their city's landscapes

San Francisco  Back in 2015 a revamped city bus was converted into a two showers with changing room and toilet vehicle that served the homeless public.  This conveyance used water from fire hydrants that  had been run through a propane heat source.  There was chatter about adding two more similar buses but none in further news that I could ascertain.

The most recent effort to combat fecal waste on the streets was the issuance of an app for your phone for access to the poop map of San Francisco.  The, uh, brown waste shown looks like a Hersey's kiss. Which is enough to put anyone off of a visit to San Francisco.  When dogs can't poop outdoors, but humans are issued maps against human poop there is something very wrong here.  

San Diego  To combat a hepatitis A mini-epidemic which has killed 15 and left 400 ill, prompted their new program.  Find and flush the poop and used needles with household bleach.  Let sit for 10 minutes, then remove the offending items.  Spray the area with bleach again, wait and pressure hose to finish removal and cleaning.

The city does spot maintenance every week and then the full treatment outlined above is done every two weeks.   I would assume that there is some sort of warning issued to hapless tourists, but the easiest thing to do is book into the Del Coronado on Coronado Island.  The Del as it is affectionately nicknamed would never tolerate anything as ghastly as so much as a squirrel poop on their grounds.  It would not surprise me to find snipers in the palms shooting at the gulls who were imprudent enough to relieve themselves over the Del's sand.  

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