Monday, November 6, 2017

Need To Know ... and Not

I came across useful information yesterday from reading my friend Lynne Braden's blog ( where she mentioned that in the event you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, that Social Security will fast track that person's application for early benefits. 

Additionally, we have all heard horror stories about some prescription costs - $30,000/year, month/etc.  Big Pharma has a program called "Compassionate Care" and presumably under certain circumstances, they will provide the necessary drug gratis

Since it's unlikely that any of us are at this moment planning to take a trip to Paris, the news that there is now a nude restaurant - O Naturel - in the 12 arrondissment of Paris - that seats 40 and has a prix fixe menu of 36 Euros per person is not going to have anyone e-ing them for a reservation.

Newspaper accounts report that the routine is upon entering for your reservation, you will be directed to a locker room to disrobe and hang up whatever you are wearing and then proceed (proudly or trying to hide your bits and pieces is up to you) to your table. 

Two comments amused me - a neighbor to this place said that he and his fellow neighbors don't care at all as they do not see anything and, "After all, it's not a brothel." 

The best reason not to go is this:  a column reader remarked, "What if you have to go to the bathroom and when you come out, the toilet paper is not stuck in your shoe?"  Disregard the visual and laugh - you know you want to ...

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