Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hot News!

We went to Las Brisas our favorite Mexican restaurant for the past 32 years for dinner last night.  It should be noted that the menu offered last night was exactly the same as the one 32 years ago, only the prices have gone up and only slightly at that.  Las Brisas, much like MacDonald's, is dependable. Variety comes in the nightly specials.

But what ho?  Along with the dark red reasonably hot and the milder salsa came a new one in a little pot just like the others, but the contents were a vivid, bright green!

We tried it and liked it after the initial sneaky punch to the tastebuds.  Afterburner comes to mind.  I asked our waiter about it - jalapenos and cilantro?  "No," he replied, "Serrano and cilantro (pauses to think) and onion."

If I were going to make it I would go one-third each serrano, cilantro and white onion.  Use a mini-Cuisenaire or blender - something that will reduce each ingredient into paste form.    

In the turmoil that was this office what should turn up but the flyer from Ted's Place which serves the best corned beef hash I have ever eaten.  Crisp on the outside - much like properly-done hash browns - served with three eggs, any style, hash browns or home fries, toast and jelly.   Brace yourself:  $5.99

As we have nothing planned for Friday, and can spend the rest of the day in a food coma, I have a feeling that we will be going out for breakfast...and I know exactly where we'll be going.
Ted's Place, 23401 Normandie Avenue, Harbor City, CA 90710 
Normandie between PCH and Sepulveda. 

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