Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Very, Very Long Apprenticeship

Happy 69th Birthday, Prince Charles.  Congratulations on graciously waiting for 48 years for your turn on the throne.  It is God's blessing that your mother, at 91, has been sitting on it for 70 years despite what you may privately consider rather a looong service to her subjects.

During her inauguration, she vowed, "I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service."

Dude, she wasn't kidding! 

Still and all, waiting (or lying in wait as the case may or may not be) has not been that arduous, despite your whinging from time to time.   About how as a lad, you were cruelly shipped off to school as a boarder at the tender age of 8; the rigors of military service (Army and Navy) with free flying lessons on a variety of aircraft; by the way - you could have gotten a job as a pilot until you were forcibly retired from it. 

Presumably you have enjoyed the free travel - Mum has her own fleet of aircraft - no, no - don't touch - private rail cars and once upon a time a yacht, the "Brittania."  It should be noted here that Queen E has lasted longer than the ship. 

You presumably have never gotten tired of the wallpaper as the Queen, husband and children have always had a seasonal schedule that takes them from palace to castle and back again.  Christmas and New Years at Sandringham; from February to Easter at Buckingham Palace, London, with weekends at Windsor Castle.  July and August in London and then Balmoral and the late "Brittania" until October. 

Forgot something in all of this moving around - rather one of the help forgot to pack something - no worries.  A plane was once sent to pick up Charles teddy bear, carelessly left behind.  He was in his 30s. 

His valet puts the toothpaste on his toothbrush (silver with the three plumes design) every morning and night.  It could be argued that with this kind of attention to his every whim, becoming King might just be more of the same.  You have been waiting for 48 years - plenty of time to figure out how you will rule -- and changes you will make although putting the toothpaste on the brush seems unlikely after all this time.  At least Camilla has replaced the teddy bear.

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